LifeWise benefit three - eliminate bad breath and promote good looks.
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Good looks shine through from the inside out

It has long been known that digestive health is essential for overall health and vitality. But it has only been in recent times that science has discovered the magnitude of the role the microbiome plays in achieving wellbeing and good looks.

The microbiome changes and adapts to the ingredients that are contained in the diet, so it is vitally important to ensure the food is comprised of ingredients that nurture a balanced and supportive microbiome, rather than a balance of flora that promotes inflammation of the gut. It is this key understanding that forms the basis of the LifeWise difference; ingredients are carefully selected to promote the most synergistic relationship between the microbiome and the dog.

But this is only half of the story. Good looks, fresh breath and good health also relies on a balanced supply of highly digestible and balanced nutrients being supplied in the food in the correct ratios that are required in the body. This means LifeWise foods provide the ultimate combination of elements to bring out the very best in your beloved companion.

If you would like more information regarding good looks and vitality for your pet, simply follow the link below, or email your questions to [email protected]. Alternatively, take advantage of the special offer and pay only $22.50*, a saving of $25.00 off the regular price, and see the difference for yourself.

* The special offer includes 2.5kg of food which will feed an average 10kg dog for more than 3 weeks.

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The LifeWise scientific approach

Sympathetic ingredients

For a food to be truly healthy and nutritious, it must be made from ingredients that are sympathetic to the animal. This allows the animal’s gut flora (microbiome) to balance naturally.

Ethical recipes

The combination of high quality, sympathetic ingredients in the correct proportions to create a specific nutrient profile allows the dog’s immune system to strengthen and the body to balance naturally.

Scientifically designed

True holistic nutrition is strongly supported by scientific research. Total wellbeing of both body and mind is dependent on the balanced supply of essential nutrients in specific ratio to one another.

Superior bioavailability

By combining the ingredients in a manner that delivers precise essential nutrients in the correct ratios for use in the body coupled with a healthy microbiome means more of the food is actually used in the body and so maximises your dog’s health and happiness.

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