Our story

“Our one true belief is that ethically produced food using original science and Australian pure and clean raw ingredients makes LifeWise the ultimate food for companion animals. We will only ever deliver to you the very, very best.”


LifeWise is the only Australian specialty nutrition company manufacturing companion animal diets. The ever-increasing army of enthusiastic pet owners who use the food and laud it for the benefits bestowed, are testament to the quality and value for money the food delivers. But then again, it could be just that you are receiving a food that is made to a standard that you expect it to be.

At LifeWise we are constantly searching for nutritional solutions to improve the quality of life for our precious pets. Should you have a particular problem or require further information regarding the care and management of your pet, please address your questions to [email protected] on the form provided on the Contact page, or search our blog section for additional information.

Bill Wiadrowski
Bill is an animal nutritionist with over 50 years experience in pet and performance animal nutrition.

Bill’s passion for nutrition has led to the understanding and development of the science of nutrient ramping from which he has been able to develop a number of nutritional strategies to enhance the lives and well being of dogs and cats. As a pioneer in this field he has travelled widely, both within Australia and internationally, to speak and advise on the subject of the ethical feeding of dogs and other species. Whilst having been involved in designing and manufacturing diets for domestic dogs and cats since 1986, Bill has in recent years concentrated his efforts on applying these techniques to the development of a range of superior pet food formulations to improve the quality of life, and health of our domestic dogs and cats. As a result of his extensive testing and research, over 100,000 pet owners now feed their pets daily with the ultra premium food he produces, and this work has culminated in the release of the LifeWise range of pet food products to the global market. All LifeWise foods are carefully designed to not only satisfy the fussiest pet, but to promote the ethical nutritional treatment of common problems afflicting domestic pets, regardless of their breed, sex or age.

LifeWise is a proudly independent family company delivering healthier outcomes to companion animals the world over.

LifeWise is 100% Australian; Australian original science, Australian pure and clean raw ingredients processed in Australia by Australians for dogs around the world.