Amazing healthy recovery thanks to holistic LifeWise food.
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Rescue dog saved from a certain death

Buddy was severely emaciated and weighed only 6.4kg when he came to LifeWise. On arrival his digestive health was appalling and he was insecure, nervous and timid, but a simple change of diet was all that was necessary to restore him to full health.

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What a difference 6 weeks makes!

After only 6 weeks, Buddy was a new dog and weighed a stunning 14.3kg. He not only grew to be a handsome and well muscled boy, but lost his nervousness and insecurity. From near death to a picture of health thanks to the unique nutrient ratios contained in the holistic and all natural LifeWise food.

So, if you want your dog to enjoy the very best digestive support, or if your pet suffers from IBS, soft or loose stools or ill thrift, simply click on the link below for an unbeatable introductory offer for genuine digestive health and pay only $22.50*, a saving of $25.00 off the regular price. Alternatively, for more information contact the LifeWise help desk at [email protected].

* The introductory offer includes 2.5kg of food which will feed an average 10kg dog for more than 3 weeks.

Special offer