Amazing skin and coat recovery thanks to holistic LifeWise food
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Needless suffering

This poor dog is typical of many cases we have seen over the years. Extended veterinary visits, prescription foods, cortisone, steroids and hormone tablets all had no effect on this poor girl. Finally, in desperation, her worried owner ceased all treatment and simply changed to a LifeWise formulated food.

It’s amazing what a difference good food can make!

It took just 6 weeks of the new feeding regime to fully restore her coat to a deep and luxuriant condition.

Treating skin and coat disorders with holistic, all natural food is what we at LifeWise have been doing for many years. Dogs that previously required Prednisolone to keep their skin disorder in check are now drug free and a picture of health. One poor dog that was left at a major Veterinary Hospital in Hong Kong for euthanasia following the failure of drugs to treat her condition, was saved by the nurses simply changing her food to a LifeWise formulation. It is simply amazing what a food with a correctly balanced nutrient profile drawn from sympathetic ingredients can achieve.

If you would like to protect your dog against skin and coat disorders, or treat an existing disorder, make the change to LifeWise today. For more information, please email us at [email protected].

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