Why is LifeWise food so much better than the others?
Specific nutrient ratios and sympathetic ingredients are just two of the differences. Read the articles, or scroll down for more information.
Difference 1: A stunning array of nutrients scientifically balanced in ratio to energy and body use.

When essential nutrients are combined in the food in the same ratios as the nutrients are utilised in the body, wonderful benefits result. Reduced nutritional stress, reduced food usage, improved health and well being, together with increases in disease resistance and a happier life are commonly reported benefits of this unique range of holistic and all natural food. To reward your dog and enjoy the full gamut of LifeWise benefits, grab the special offer* now, because this deal is for a limited time only.

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Difference 2: Sympathetic ingredients to nurture the microbiome (gut flora).

The intestinal flora in the gut of the dog is made up of millions of organisms who all play a vital role in the health of the animal. Approximately 50% of the animal’s performance and well being is directly related to the action of these organisms (the microbiome), whilst the remainder is the result of the dog’s natural genetic makeup. For your pets to be at their best, an efficient and balanced microbiome is essential. To see the improvements in your dog’s health and wellbeing for yourself, take advantage of the special introductory offer¬†and pay only $22.50*, a saving of $25.00 off the regular price. This deal must end soon.

* The special offer includes 2.5kg of food which will feed an average 10kg dog for more than 3 weeks.

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