Does your dog suffer from soft stools or a sensitive stomach? This is probably why.
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Probably the most common problems for dogs are stomach upsets and soft stools.

When your dog has an upset stomach, it’s a sure sign you are going to have to clean up a mess. So improving digestive health has to be a win win for all concerned!

Sensitive stomachs, soft stools and smelly flatulence are all signs the flora in your dog’s gut is out of balance. This balance is primarily influenced by the food your dog eats, and food that contains the wrong ingredients or an imbalance of ingredients is the source of the problem. When the wrong flora is allowed to flourish in the gut, low level irritation of the gut wall occurs, and digestive upset always follows. The only natural and healthy way to solve this problem is to feed a nutritionally superior food such as LifeWise. This food not only contains natural ingredients to regulate and promote a healthy gut environment, but at the same time delivers a stunning array of quality, balanced nutrients. You will be amazed at what a difference the food makes!

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Our scientific approach

Sympathetic ingredients

For a food to be truly healthy and nutritious, it must be made from ingredients that are sympathetic to the animal. This allows the animal’s gut flora (microbiome) to balance naturally.

Ethical recipes

The combination of high quality, sympathetic ingredients in the correct proportions to create a specific nutrient profile allows the dog’s immune system to strengthen and the body to balance naturally.

Scientifically designed

True holistic nutrition is strongly supported by scientific research. Total wellbeing of both body and mind is dependent on the balanced supply of essential nutrients in specific ratio to one another.

Superior bioavailability

By combining the ingredients in a manner that delivers precise essential nutrients in the correct ratios for use in the body coupled with a healthy microbiome means more of the food is actually used in the body and so maximises your dog’s health and happiness.

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